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Welcome to Chef David's Kids

"Chef David's Kidz Wishgrant Charity Foundation" is an international, legal non-profit, non-director paid, 24-hour charity group for children since March 5, 1989. We help children afflicted with any form of terminal illness such as cancer, leukemia, and pediatric HIV. We also help with neglected and abused children. We have handled thousands of interactions and wishes for children in the last ten years and have never failed to help when needed, no matter how many times a child needs us. Read more

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Special Thanks to Enjoi Bakery Shop

2012 MEGA THANKS TO: ENJOI BAKERY SHOP- Here we have the WORLD’S MOST HANDSOME 8yrs old boy , Anastasio , with a HUUUGE ” SUPER Thank-You a MILLION TIMES OVER ” ear to ear grin for this stunning , whipped creme & fruit filling mouth watering gourmet birthday cake created JUST FOR HE & his party by 1 of our ...
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Thank You for Support Us