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By CHef David's Kids on June 19, 2011

Children are one of the greatest gifts in life also require a tremendous amount of work. If your great gift comes in a package with special needs, then the path can be even more difficult, yet more rewarding all at the same time.

Parenting requires a delicate balance of patience, support, love and discipline, no matter who the child is.

Worry comes along with the title “parent”. As parents we always worry if we are doing the right thing, and this is a very normal feeling to experience as a parent.

Those parents with a special needs child sometimes face a more difficult challenge. There is so much guilt associated with parenting and especially with a special needs child. When you are told that your child has any disability, or handicap it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty. There is an important factor to consider however. A different perception of the special needs child is important when beginning to evaluate your parenting style. Many special needs children become spoiled. This is not meant to offend any parents or child, because it is said with all the love in the heart of any parent. Parents don’t mean to spoil their children, but those with special needs appear to be so helpless and disadvantaged, it is easy to make this mistake.

This may sound harsh and bring about anger in some readers, however this comes from my own personal experience. I have found that so many people underestimate the true ability of children with special needs. This is not limited to just the parents, it is true of anyone involved with the care of the special needs children, including their teachers, caregivers and medical professionals.

Each child is an individual. It is very important that you do not group your child into a specific category based on their diagnosis and on medical statistics. It is important not to give up on your child because of some standard limits or expectancy rates. Every child holds within themselves unlimited power. Expect good behavior, success and positive results from your child and give them every opportunity to achieve every thing the world offers them.

It is hard to do, but refrain from comparing your child to others. Allow them to be unique and display individualism. Let them experience their own unlimited power that they possess as an individual. Encouragement is important for every child’s success and well being. Let them reach for the stars and never give up. Hope is the major backbone for success. Expect success, and no no limits, and you will see the best results.

Children bring about the greatest joy and the greatest challenges in life. Parenting requires a careful balance of love, patience and discipline. Check out the parentinginformed site for helpful parenting tips and helpful advice every parent can use.

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