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Chef David’s Kids is proud of its long standing relationship with  WWE and help that WWE has provided to the children of Florida over the years.  This year, WWE plans to bring more than 46 wish children, from various wish agencies, to Miami Florida to have their wishes granted and attend WrestleMania. The children will also attend the fifth annual WrestleMania Pizza Party hosted by  John Cena..  The WWE has provided sports entertainment to millions of fans around the world for decades, while also demonstrating a commitment to be true community partners with their host cities.  However, WWE’s commitment to enhancing communities is not just limited to WrestleMania week.  All year long, WWE is committed to giving back to the communities and children they reach.  “WWE In Your Corner” is WWE’s charitable arm that focuses on the company’s anti-bulling campaign, literacy programs, civic engagement, military support in addition to its support of Make-A-Wish, Chef David’s Kids, the Dream Factory, Carolina Sunshine for Children and The Rainbow Society of Alberta , Canada.  Click here to learn more. 

Sue Aitchison
Director, Community Relations