Our Wishes

Here we have our beloved and beautiful Princess Hannah of “Southern California Ville” , as she gets to visit a live taping of an upcoming Disney “Austin & Ally”¬† mega hit show in October 2012, while she and her wonderful Mother, Julie, got treated like absolute royalty there at the show by their AWESOME cast members & staff, who we owe an ENORMOUS thanxx to for being so super – kind to our Princess Hannah , and during the weekend of the show, Julie & Hannah were V.I.P. guests at the “Beverly Hills Marriott Suites” hotel, all allowed by our new friend, Mr Tom Beedon , the property G.M., & his incredible staff there, as we hear Hannah and her Mom were treated SUPERBLY there, in every single way possible¬† at the hotel their entire stay, so we owe Mr Beedon & his staff our eternal thanxx and gratitude for being so generous and kind to our 2 “girls” !!