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Sponsor Awards

Be it known to all people that on this day and date in the month of December, in the year 2007, that Chef David’s Kids Wish Foundation bestows their “League of Superhero Sponsor Award” on the following donor organizations for their year-round non-stop very generous donations for our members:

2011 SUPER THANKS AWARD” is hereby earned spectacularly, and given to Mr. Tim Ragan, and Mr. Jason Bradshaw, General Managers for “Dave & Busters Bistro Restaurant” in Spring Dale, Ohio, who allowed one of our all-time most beloved, and most beautiful Princess we’ve ever known, 8year old Miss Hannah Hadden. Yes! Our “Sugar Bear” who’s loved by everyone! to have an OVER THE MOON, TOP TIER BIRTHDAY PARTY in November 2011, with her wonderful family, and it was truly AMAZING!!!
Mr. Tim Ragan, and Mr. Jason Bradshaw, General Managers for “Dave & Busters Bistro Restaurant” went above and beyond for Hannah so much she is still smiling and can’t stop talking about how happy she is.

A Big and Special Thanks to Tim and Jason! You’re Awesome….

” 2011 ”SUPER-HERO SPONSOR AWARD” 2 Men & a Truck Movers ” LLC. Thanxx Awards for the single donation event that allowed our members & their family the BIGGEST overall change for the better ” in their lives is going to :  ” 2 Men & a Truck Movers ” Company LLC , in 2 different branches in 2 states and cities, as these phenomenal people actually donated entire , very costly  moves to our members to get them out of homes that weren’t working properly& unsafe ,  and problematic for our members and their parents, etc., and by donating the entire move into a new, bigger, safer and better house for each of the 2 families of ours , they allowed them a FAR happier year, better day-to-day living quality, and a better environment for our “kidz” to grow up in , and to live in, and for that, we are ETERNALLY grateful to them , and are forever in their debt….!!! The 2 incredible branches of this wonderful org. are -

2 Men & a Truck Movers ” LLC -
Attention : Mr. David Malseed and Mrs. Laurie Malseed – Pres./Gen.Mgrs. , & their staff ;
7580 Brandt Pike ,
Dayton , Ohio  45424      Hdqtrs. Teleph. # : 937 – 401 – 3430

“”/Dayton, Ohio

NOTES: During the early wintertime of 2011, David and Laurie and their WONDERFUL staff helped our Dayton, Oh., V.I.P. members the Hadden family  move from 1 location that was problem ridden , continually breaking down & unsafe to a newer, better and  FAR safer house in another Dayton, Oh., suburb, and the rest of the yr. has been incredibly wonderful  for the Hadden’s, we’re happy to report, etc., and David & Laurie and their team have our extreme gratitude forever, for their kindness , generosity and professionalism.!!

2 Men & a Truck Movers ” LLC
Atten.: Mrs. Mary Ellen Sheets – President , & VERY special thanxx to the Reps., Amanda & Charles Gibbons , & the 5 specific movers , Kirk, Encarnacion , King , Babbitt & Peterson -
1200 Keystone Avenue ,
Lansing ,  Michigan  48911    -    Hdqtrs. Teleph. # : 517 – 485 – 4545


NOTES: Just recently, a V.I.P. member family of ours near Lansing, Michigan, the Savalli’s, were also having chronic & frequent problems with their house and it’s upkeep, and with a single Mother with 4 children, this can pose very serious problems and dangers for everybody involved, so we reached out to Mrs. Sheets and her wonderful staff at ” 2 Men & a Truck Movers – Lansing, Mich.”, & YET AGAIN were amazed at their kindness and generosity to their local community area , & they donated an entire move involving the Savalli household’s items , furniture and contents, (including a massive 2,300lbs. special “Knight Castle” swing-set they dismantled 100%, moved and re-built…!!), & Ms. Sara Savalli and her wonderful children are doing far, far better in their other, newer home now, meaning that BOTH of these moving companies donated events that literally changed our member’s lives for the overall better to an extreme, for a long, long time, and we’ll forever be in debt to Mrs. Sheets , and the 5 phenomenal movers, Kirk, Encarnacion , King , Babbitt and Peterson, & Mr. Charles Gibbons , etc., for allowing us such an incredible donation during  A VERY hard time, and a bad economy , as well, but they did it, anyhow….!!

”SUPER-HERO SPONSOR” AWARD for (2006, 2007 and 2008…) & our  MOST extreme thanks  is awarded to “Comcast Cable Systems” of Pompano Beach, Fla., especially to Ms. Dawn Stagliano and to Ms. Shari Llanos of their “Community Relations Dept.” , for their exceedingly generous and constant donations and support to our Foundation for the past 3 years time, where they literally help us to exist and continue on, year-round, in our mission to grant Wishes to our “kidz”, across the United States of America!

As for our ”SUPER-HERO SPONSOR” awards for the year 2008 that’s ongoing, two VERY special awards and our most extreme thanks has to be given to these two following sponsors and Ladies and their staff-members, for their INCREDIBLY generous donations and assistance to our Foundation during a very important wishgrant we requested from them, for 2 of our members who are our BIGGEST “Railroad Trains track sets” fans that we have! These two Ladies efforts and donations went so far “above and beyond the norm” to our Foundation, that we’ll forever owe them a huge debt of gratitude!

1.)“Lionel Trains” Corp. Hdqtrs. -
Special attention: Ms. Anna Borg -Account Executive ;
26750 Twenty Three mile Road ,
Chesterfield, Michigan   48051


2.)“Norfolk Southern Railways Corp.” Systems -
Special attention: Ms. Rhonda Broom -Public Rela../Media Manager;
3 Commercial Place
Norfolk, Virginia   23510

…………Due to Anna and Rhonda’s combined extreme kindness and generosity to us that went WAY FAR above & beyond “the norm”, the 2 Woods brothers were able to receive a literal “once in a Lifetime event donation” from our Foundation this past week, and the entire family is THRILLED!!We owe them each an immense thanxx from all of us, forever!

Stamford, Connecticut

Ms. Susan Aitchison – Corporate Communication Director

We have so many different reasons to give Ms. Susan Aitchison our most extreme thanks each year that it almost defies belief!! From the immensely large size donations of their WWE event t-shirts, action figures, hats, jewelry, etc. that we receive throughout each year, to the WWE and RAW Championship event tickets that our members (and their families) receive to attend their live events with V.I.P. status seats from San Diego, California to Syracuse, New York (and all points in between!!), we owe Ms. Susan Aitchison a “Mega Thanks” that is so huge and never ending, year round, that mere words won’t express our gratitude strongly enough!

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Ms. Karen Davis – Director of Community Relations
Ms. Lori Bessette – Assistant Director of Community Relations
Rhonda DaSilva

Once again, during the Christmas holiday 2007 and Chanukah 2007 season, Ms. Karen Davis and her wonderful staff authorized our foundation for their Holiday “Gift of Play” program a huge assortment of their premiere toys and action figures and Star Wars figures and collectibles, which included some elite, one of a kind G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Commando Soldier sets, and an array of Transformers Robots figures and sets, and Ghost Rider figures, etc. We were not only able to use these wonderful toys as gifts for our members everywhere, but some went to children living in shelters for abused children as well. No matter where we sent these Hasbro toys, the end result was the same; all of our members were ecstatic and overjoyed. Again, our foundation owes Hasbro Toys and Ms. Davis a HUGE DEBT of gratitude for constantly making our kids holidays SUPER!!!!

Redwood City, California

Ms. Julie Wynn – Director of Charitable Giving

Rarely is any kind of charitable organization lucky enough to find a donation sponsor of a major item that is so incredibly generous and well known at Electronic Arts Games, and all their subsidiaries (Electronic Sports Games, Electronic Arts Fantasy Games, et al) This organization has such a wonderful charitable giving director in Ms. Julie Wynn!

Ms. Julie Wynn never fails to be there for our members when we contact her for a donation of games or one of the many times per year that we do contact her. Due to her incredible generosity and compassion for our foundation, she allows literally hundred of our members to own the most incredible games.

AT(TOW) Company, 4th Tank Brigade, I.N.I.
Hialeah, Florida

Gunnery Sgt. Syril Melvin – Base Commander and Even Director
Staff Sgt. Miguel Acosta – Event Toy Donation Manager for 2007

Chef David Mitchell’s father was in the Marines for over 24 years, and the entire time he was constantly involved with the Toys For Tots campaign. Each Christmas, no matter what USMC base the Mitchell family was stationed, Chef David volunteered to help his father and his father’s men/women do the Toys For Tots work. This is one of the reasons that in 1992, Chef David researched where the largest USMC Toys For Tots base was located so he could continue helping the Marines each year in doing this wonderful tradition. Through this research, it was discovered that Chef David’s Kids Foundation was eligible for to donations from Toys For Tots.

Since 1992, the USMC Toys For Tots event command in Hialeah, Florida and Chef David’s Kids Wish Foundation have worked year-round to get the Marines to increase in their annual amount of donated toys and dolls, games, etc. The Marines are one of our most crucial annual Christmas donors, and in all honesty, they are the sole reasons that our members have such a wonderful Christmas holidays each year (without fail) year after year. Chef David’s Kids Wish Foundation understands how exceptionally lucky we are to have such an incredible donor and friends!

Chef David Mitchell would like to express extreme thanks and gratitude to the following Marines:
Gunnery Sgt. Syril Melvin, Base Commander
Staff Sgt. Miguel Acosta, Event Toy Warehouse Manager
Chief Miguel Feliciano, Event Logistics
Sgt. McKoy, Event Toy Manager for several years

If it wasn’t for these wonderful Marines, Christmas would be far less wonderful for our members, and nowhere near as great a holiday as they make it!

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Ms. Allison Strangeby – Charitable Donations Department

Since 1992, our Wishgrant Foundation was lucky enough to receive a full wish request from the 2008 Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Ms. Allison Strangeby and the entire team have gone far and beyond the norm for our members. When we have come to them with a wish request, year after year, and time after time, they come through in a big way!

Chef David’s Kids Wish Foundation would like to extend our most extreme thanks to Allison Strangeby and her staff, and to the entire New York Giants organization!

Miami Lakes, Florida

Ms. Angela Smith – Community Relations Director
Mr. Alex Morin – Player Relations Director
Mr. Richard Gamble – Exec. Assistant to Mr. Morin

We certainly have to extend an extreme thanks and our sincere gratitude to the Florida Marlins. The Marlins have worked literally hand-in-hand with our organization to create one of our legendary “super wishes” that we grant to our members called “Teammate 4 a Game Day”. This team happens to be the two-time World Series champion Florida Marlins and their wonderful players and staff.

Any pro sports team that is lucky enough have longtime staff members like Ms. Angela Smith, Mr. Alex Morin and Mr. Richard Gamble s very lucky indeed. Angela, Alex and Rich truly care for the children in their community, and they demonstrate this level of care in each of their actions. It never fails to amaze us that each year Angela and Alex re-surprise us by exceeding the generosity involved the previous year. Each year our members who are granted this amazing wish receive a real Marlins uniform, in their correct size, and with their name sewn on the back; team-signed, game-used bats, gloves, and about 10-12 pounds of promotional items, giving them the memory of a lifetime!

Thanks so much for being truly wonderful sponsors!

Arlington, Texas

Mr. Scott Prusha – Community Relations manager

Any charitable organization for children that provides “toybox support” for their members should make sure they have a world-class sponsor in the trading card area (sports, cartoon shows, comic-con cards, etc). Chef David’s Kids is very lucky to have such a sponsor in Donruss/Playoff Collectibles.

Approximately ever 8 weeks, their wonderful community relations manager Mr. Scott Prusha, provides us with a huge carton of Donruss’ most current sports cards (usually NFL football and MLB baseball) in a special 100-card pack boxes, with 6-8 units each time!

Due to Mr. Prusha’s and Donruss’ generosity, we’re able to provide our members with card packs at any given time. Our many boys and girls that request cards from their homes, hospitals, or shelters for abused children are treated some of the finest trading cards on the planet!

Our entire staff would like to extend a huge “Super Hero Sponsor Award” thanks to Scott Prusha and his staff at Donruss for their constant, year-round incredible generosity!

Sunrise, Florida

Ms. Carly Bernstein
Ms. Terri Crolic

In the summer of 2007, one of our members asked to attend a Florida Panthers game and we had the very good fortune to meet with two wonderful people from the Panthers named Ms. Carly Bernstein and Ms. Terri Crolic.

It’s very rare for a charitable organization to contact a new sponsor regarding a donation, and right from the start, the sponsor’s staff literally do everything they can for that organization. That’s exactly what we got from the Panthers!

Carly and Terri literally do everything possible for us, and even call with other events for our members to attend. This is why all of our members and staff wanted them to be nominated for and to receive this award. We’re very fortunate to have such wonderful people like Carly and Terri, and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude, forever!


• Jessica G., age 7, wished for a three foot Barbie “Jazzercize” trampoline and to help Chef David cook.

She received a 14 square foot Barbie trampoline while assisting as a junior executive chef at Who, Song, and Larry’s restaurant at a Sunday brunch!

• Miss Altovice M., 17 of Atlanta, wished for a sweet-potato pie, nail polish, and to have her wheelchair repaired.

She received an extra-large sweet-potato cinnamon praline pie with graham crust, a custom hard-candy/Clinique make-over kit, and a new “Huv-Around”, electric wheelchair!

• Francky F., age 15, always wanted a letter from WWF’s “The Rock”.

Under the impression that he was going out for pizza, he was taken to the South Florida WWF Thanksgiving 2000 event at the National Car Rental Center in Sunrise, Florida. Francky was taken backstage and got to meet “The Rock” in person. see photo

• Jack S, age 10, wished for sports trading cards.

He received at least 100 packs of various cards from Topps, Fleer, & Playoff that are collectors special editions, and a minimum of three years old!

• Ricky P, age 7, wished for new toys to replace the ones that were stolen from his house while he was in surgery.

He got a record-breaking five-agency response by receiving a 16-pound crate of new toys. This was the first time that Chef David’s Kids interacted to this extent with outside agencies to help a child!


Chef David would like to thank the following people for going above and beyond in their commitment to Chef David’s Kids…

American Greetings – Mr. Morry Weiss CEO, Mrs. Terri Gambill License/Marketing Dir., and Mrs. Mickey Matheis in Public Relations, as their 171-piece donation of Care Bear items ROCKED the Bigelow kids and Mom!! In our 14 years serving children, it’s our BIGGEST donation ever!!!!!

Mrs. Suzanne Virostek Founder/Director of “Share-A-Card”, a Gift-sending and greeting card Charitable organization for sick kids and adults who’s come to our rescue with more than 70 deluxe “Beanie Babies” dolls.

Mrs. Linda Richards Founder/Director for “Awesome Angels of Destiny”, the comp. that’s already donated about nearly 40 Porcelain or Plaster/Artwork quality Angel figurines to our kids, and who’s a sweetheart to boot!

Mrs. Janet Fredericks of “Hearts and Hands Quilters”at St. Clements Church in Wilton Manors, Florida, for the GORGEOUS quilts she and her Chapter of ladies at the church makes and sends!

Mrs. Margie Littlepage “Sacred Heart Foundation” Hospital Funding Dir., for the absolutely gorgeous F-18 Hornet Swarm posters and other aircraft pix, posters,lithographs, and also the spec. weapons and systems posters she sends to our kids and us, from Pensacola, Florida.

Mrs. Susan Aitchison Public Relations Director for WWE for constantly going above and beyond the call of requests to insure that each meet with a wrestler is an absolute joy for our kids year-round, and for overseeing our donations of WWE products to the great amounts we get, too!

Mrs. Debra Dicochea and Mrs. Kim Manos of “Mattel Childrens Foundation” and “Mattel Toys” Public Relations and Charitable donations bosses, they’ve proved time and time again by being SO generous to us that they really do care for kids in need, and for doing things like when the “Huzeinga Cottage” girls at Kids in Distress wrote a special thanks letter to them for the “Barbie Blast” party in May 2003, they sent them about a dozen more Barbie dolls just for writing to them!! Isn’t that great?

UPN33/CBS4  “Neighbors for Neighbors” organization, to our DEAREST buddy Mrs. Katy Meagher, and a MEGA thanxx to Mrs. Lynn Cameron and for Rose, the Client Services Director, for taking such incredible care of Savannah Remington on her birthday wish in June 2003 this year, when we wrote in and asked for 1-2 dresses as a donation from them, and they contacted a custom seamstress and had her make Savannah 7 (SEVEN) Dress-Up dresses to wear for her to keep, the most she’s ever owned at the same time, plus a quilt and a Capri Pants set!! Talk about Superheroes!!