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Ricky P.

Name: Ricky P.

Nickname: “Titanium Kid ”
Given to Ricky by Chef David for his bravery & ability to bounce back

Birthday: April 19, 1993

Birthplace: Pembroke Pines, Florida

Hobbies:Pokemon & DragonballZ Cards
Video Games
Sports Memorabilia

Quote: While my Dad works, my job is going to school!

On February 1, 2000 Ricky was nearly crushed to death by a 9 ton bulldozer. The impact pushed him 4′ into the muddy soil. His recovery has been remarkable considering the severity of damage to his internal organs and bones. After suffering 2 heart attacks and months of physical therapy, Ricky has nearly fully recovered.

This case was Chef David’s most extreme response in 4 years!

Ricky is still in physical therapy, but is doing exrtemely well today.

Ricky is also this years “poster child” for the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.