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Special Thanks

A Special Thank you to all of our Sponsors!


58955_10151528670628909_1607427956_n ” 2013 MEGA-PLATINUM ” award is awarded to….Homicide”Task Forces Commander Eunice Cooper. “HERE’S our dear, dear friend who we are extremely blessed to know and to be there foras their on-call charitable response team , and I cannot explain how UP our senior staff mgrs Christopher & Ronan and I are when we deliver our ” Heavy Cargo Blocks” of toys,video games, dolls & robots and board games, r/c vehicles , etc., and family support items for the families and children they work with & meet 24/7, and to see them all in action, it’s truly something we love doing, no matter what day or night it is, or what “time” it is (everybody knows I never sleep, anyhow!!LOL), & Commander Cooper, Detective Reyes, Sgt Alltair Williams and Sgt Confessor Gonzalez, Det Frank Sanchez , etc., are the BEST there are at their jobs, & see EVERYTHING violent that can be done to fellow humans and kidz, yet remain professional, dedicated and wonderful people all the same. ….W O W…!!

Chef David Mitchell, Ronan , Christopher Williams, Andrew, & our staff and HQ team, Saturday,


gamestop ” 2013 1st time new sponsor MEGA-PLATINUM COMPASSION 4 OUR KIDZ ” award is awarded to : The literally phenomenal and amazing staff & crew at the “GAMESTOP STORE ” in the “Coral Ridge Super-Target Mall” at 3300 North Federal Highway , Fort Laud., Fla. 33309 , phone-number : 954 – 566 – 0185 , with Ms Maria -Store Mgr., Chris , Jon and Michael , and their wonderful District Mgr., Ms Lisa Tumminello , for suddenly becoming aware of our existence and cause 8 to 10 weeks ago, and in that VERY  short span of time , they’ve actually repeatedly gone “…SO FAR above & beyond the norm” that it’s incredible !! They’ve been there for us  time-after-time to continually help us with assistance in creating and funding , and finding hard to reach games for several new super-wishes already for 3 or 4 of our V.I.P. members in 3 different states, and 2 other actual different members family crisis situations that arose , which  they helped us then with those to resolve them or “fix the crisis” on-the-spot , and then also helped us create an incredible , VERY COSTLY & elite surprise-gifts package of a new game-system, 4-5 games for it, a Princess carrying case, etc., for a brand new beautiful little girl VIP member we have up north now, as well !! What more needs to be said here , ladies and gentlemen….??? We’re EXTREMELY lucky & very blessed to have met such a wonderful  group of staff-members ( & such a great store !!) at a store anywhere , and we’re immensely grateful to them now and forever for EVERYTHING they do , & deeply appreciate their kindness , their extreme generosity and effort they put into helping us out often times 3 or 4 times a week , & their passion for our “kidz” (members) day-to-day quality of life level being made so much better overall on so much bigger a scale by doing what they do…..!! IF you need a video-game store in your life for any reason whatsoever, for yourself, for your children, or your nieces, nephews and grand-children , etc., trust us , this is the store to become a customer of full time , and then stay a customer of, forever ……., they are so customer friendly and client oriented that it’s amazing …..!! Our very highest recommendation !!

….Signed & submitted on this day and date : Chef David Mitchell , Director of Global Operations since March the 5th, 1989 , & written on Tuesday afternoon , April the 23rd, 2013 .


shakealeglogo 2013 Armored Cavalry to the Rescue at the last second”/ ” White Knight award” is hereby granted to the wonderful Mr. Harry R. Horgan and his wife, Mrs Susan Horgan , and their awesome “Shake A Leg Miami” Charity org in Miami, Fla., as they were INCREDIBLY over-generous and kind to us in our EXTREME hour of need 2 weeks ago , by helping us solve a literal last second major crisis we had with  VIP members  Mrs Debbie Woods and Mr Bill Woods and family wishgrant request for all 6 family members to come down here from Green Bay , Wisconsin for a 5 to 6 day stay , and go sport-fishing for 1 of the days , etc….! After we searched and looked for a donor for 2 weeks time and finally thought we’d located one who claimed they’d donate the entire fishing trip and gear, bait, crew, etc., then 1 to 2 days before the family arrived here, the supposed donor vanished off of their phones , and would’nt let us know if they’d still keep their word to do it or not !!As you can imagine , this type of thing can be catastrophic when it occurs, especially so close to the arrival day of the Woods family, and I personally placed a call down to “Shake A Leg Miami” Charity Hdqtrs to leave a voice-mail asking for help, I thought . In actuality, I got profoundly lucky when Mr Horgan happened to answer the phone that weekend night at SO LATE an hour, and he could NOT have been kinder, more understanding and a bigger help than he was right then , not only in providing the large fishing boat and crew, fuel , fishing poles and bait , crew , etc.,  for our usage for the Woods familyto go out with , he then ALSO allowed them to come back from their fishing trip &  go sailing that afternoon on a large Catamaran , as well…..!!!!! How do you thank so wonderful a person as that for SO HUGE & expensive a favor and a gift like that ….???…Then, he also adds on the sailing trip for the Woods family , as well….?? Let’s just say that it’s VERY RARE that we owe that large a favor anymore now after all of our 25 years in business , but we SURE DO owe it here, and plan to do anything and everything we can for Harry Horgan and his wonderful wife, and “Shake A Leg Miami” Charity for many years to come, and we are SOOOO immensely grateful and appreciative for his largesse and kindness he gave us when we needed it the very most, & we will never be able to fully express our MEGA – thanxx to him, as mere words don’t convey it ANYWHERE near enough for us !!! Harry, you are a true “Pediatric Gentlemen and Scholar ” in legendary standing with us , and again, I want to personally thank you in the extreme from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for us that week, as it ACTUALLY saved that whole wishgrant , & entire week , from being ruined for the Woods family, & they now say it was the best day of their lives , so God bless you forever……!!! Our extreme thanxx !!

Signed and submitted on this day and date : Chef David Mitchell – Director of Global Operations since March the 5th, 1989 , written on Tuesday afternoon, April 22nd , 2013 , 14 days after the family went fishing ….
imagejpeg_2 Now hear this, now hear this , for the 1st time ever in our 25 years in business , open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, we are issuing our own eternal“Legion of SuperHeroes Honor Roll Birthday cake bakery Superiority Award “ for ALL of 2012 , and our MOST profound extreme thanxx forever to ” R Place Family Eatery  & Bakery ” , with extreme very, very  special attention being awarded to Miss Carrie and Miss Carol in their wondrous gourmet bakery dept , 21 Romines Drive , Morris , Illinois 60450 , with the phone number of : 815 – 942 – 3690 , as we have a beloved , very large bustling members family with a single , wonderful Mother near Chicago, Illinois , and 1 or 2 days before Halloween day 2012 , we had arranged a “Triple-Threat Surprise birthday party for 3 of their children ” – for 2 sisters , ages 8yrs old and 9yrs old , and a brother – age 7yrs old – of this family to be held at the same time on the same day , and to our STUNNED &  very happy surprise and delight , not only were these 2 wonderful ladies willing to talk with us very nicely about the donation of a special 3 child large , gourmet , hand made birthday-cake for our party we provided for them , ( & we’re then told later that day that all 3 children are huge fans of carrot-cake with  real German cream cheese icing and filling , etc., and we relay this information to Miss Carrie & Miss Carol and their wonderful staff , …), they then actually begin the creation for us of a very work intensive Germanic  hand made , from scratch , 5 different layer gourmet carrot cake with REAL  cream-cheese icing and filling generously covering the cake  , with little artistic bunnies (the choice made by the 3 children for decor…) decorating the cake’s top ,  and it’s edging and sides, the likes of which we have N E V E R , ever seen before, and if all that “isn’t enough” in the area of how extremely AWESOME this cake already is, when the Mother went to pick the cake up on the appointed day, it was SO rich , thick and gourmet made in all 5 layers and wonderfully heavy, that she had to actually ask for help carrying it out to their vehicle….!!!! Ladies and Gentlmen, that’s not a mere “deluxe birthday-cake ” by any means , it’s an EPIC lifetime mile-stone for these 3 children , who were literally jaw-dropped when the cake was presented to them at the party that afternoon, and from what we hear now, afterwards, after the 3 of them 1st called every friend they had who wasn’t a guest there  to “come see our really really cool cake we got, it’s INCREDIBLE ..!!”, & then there was enough gourmet birthday-cake there for the entire 4hrs long party, & some very serious “snacking” the next day by the entire family  , and SO impressed the 3 birthday guests that they EACH chose to keep a piece in their freezer later, to  keep so they could have some at a later date ………….!!!! (I certainly never had a birthday-cake that good !!!!). Then,  they even DONATED this once in a lifetime  extremely special birthday-cake to the family , as well, making it possible for the 3 children to have such a phenomenal party and cake both , etc., how do you fully thank such incredible people and ladies like Miss Carrie and Miss Carol fully enough , and their legendary bakery staff there , as they definitely provided our V.I.P. Members family a birthday-cake and a party that they ALL will remember for a lifetime , and then some , for sure…!!! What truly awesome and wonderful women and men there to care about their community and it’s children so very much to allow SO HUGE a difference to be made for the better (in the extreme …!!),at such a  big , crucial happy day in their lives, so Miss Carrie and Miss Carol, we owe you both a never ending MEGA THANXX for all time , and we love you dearly for making our 3 birthday guests so very happy , God bless you both, and your staff and restaurant forever …..!!! You 2 ladies provided our family with a birthday cake and party that they will remember forever and ever , and we are eternally in your debt for your largesse and kindness , and your SUPERB baking skills , especially….!!

Chef David Mitchell & staff


2012  MEGA THANKS TO: ENJOI BAKERY SHOP- Here we have the WORLD’S MOST HANDSOME 8yrs old boy , Anastasio , with a HUUUGE “  SUPER Thank-You a MILLION TIMES OVER ” ear to ear grin for this stunning , whipped creme & fruit filling  mouth watering  gourmet birthday cake created JUST FOR HE & his party by 1 of our  2 ” 2012 Birthday-Party  Donation SuperHero Awards” winners , The ” Enjoi Bakery Shop ” , 223  Liberty  Street   , Morris , Illinois  60450 , THIS IS A  VERY HAPPY BOY ….!!!!!


2012  Long-Range 5 years Sponsor Continuing Generosity and Excellence Award “ , & our  EXTREME Mega-Thanxx and eternal  deepest gratitude goes out to 2 Ft Lauderdale, Fla brothers , Mr. Donald Frasca Sr. , & Mr. Anthony Frasca and their families , and their wonderful cousin, Doctor Carmen Rocco M.D. (of Chicago, Ill.) , for being EXCEEDINGLY generous & kind with their donations and support through-out the year , always  caring for and concerned about the day-to-day lives of our thousands of members across the country , and being there often times week-after-week with donations to cover VERY expensive toys and toy sets, etc.,  and  high end , costly birthday-gifts , etc., and also for covering the entire costs of very high end , elite, gourmet hand made V.I.P. Status birthday cakes that usually cost at minimum fifty dollars or more EACH, yet they continually stay in touch with us year round ,  and ask us how they can be of  more help even then , in everything from helping cover the costs of shipping HUGE 40lbs  apiece super toy boxes to our Children’s Hospital clients across the  50 states in the U.S.A. , & emergency toy box requests that we receive 24hrs a day /7 days a week , 365 days a year ,  and by always being this super generous and kind 12 months of each yr., they’ve made IMMENSE differences in the day to day quality of lives for the better of our “Kidz” , (our term for members …!!) , no matter where they live in America !! We are EXTREMELY fortunate , blessed and  very lucky to have them as long-range continuing sponsors/donors , and dear friends on a year round basis here , and we are profoundly grateful and indebted to the 3 of these gentlemen and their wonderful families forever !!

BRAND NEW 2012 Super-Generous NEW sponsor “Mega-Thanxx”: extreme award has been nominated ,  and given with great thanxx  to Ms Bridgette C. Burns , the WONDERFUL Property General Mgr and her staff at “TowneSuites by Marriott – Redwood Shores ” Hotel , 1000 Twin Dolphin Drive , Redwood City , California  94065 , as we had to contact Ms Burns in late May 2012 about a SuperWish event wherein a family was being flown literally cross-country to her area , so their son could be allowed the VERY RARE visit ,  and tour of the legendary Headquarters of “Electronic Arts Games” Hdqtrs. , aprox. 1 mile from the hotel…!!By some fluke of chance, we hadn’t yet worked with Ms Burns and her awesome staff , yet, but we VERY QUICKLY learned that she is 1 of the most generous , professional and classy (….and community – minded in real-life…!!) Hotel General-Managers that we’ve ever met or worked with , and she did everything she could to help us out in every area she could’ve  , etc., by donating & comping  the family a very lg  “Marriott” master suite for their 4 nights stay there , free of charge , and then  she created a wonderful “Welcoming basket gift” set for the family to give to them when they arrived , as well…!! Also, then, as if that wasn’t “enough ” for a brand new unknown sponsor to do for us , we had a beloved south Fla. VIP status member family here finally getting to go across country from here to Anaheim , Calif., on a very long yet happily awaited “DisneyLand” theme – park visit wish we’d arranged for them , etc., and the wonderful Ms Bridgette C. Burns yet again came to our assistance, and contacted Ms Rachel Lee , the property General Mgr. of the “TownePlace Suites of Marriott ” – Anaheim , very close to many theme-parks there , and both Ms Burns and Ms Lee worked together on our request for the south Florida family, etc., and they wound up getting a PHENOMENAL discount rate for their suite they stayed in while there , especially with it was more-or-less last second notice , 1 week before the flight, etc , so we are EXTREMELY HAPPY to have met our 2 new exceedingly nice , & very, very  generous friends with “Southern California TowneSuite Marriott” Hotels & properties , and have already worked with them again , since then , and will, hopefully , much much more , in the future for many years to follow…..!!! At BOTH  hotel properties , at “TownePlace Suites  Marriott – Redwood Shores ” in Redwood City , California , and “TownePlace Suites  Marriott – Anaheim ” in Anaheim , California , we give you our very highest recommendations to stay at these hotels whenever you go out to California in your travels , as they’re both wonderfully ran , and expertly managed hotels …!!

…..Thanxx so very much for your time this evening ….!! Chef David Mitchell – Founder , and Director of Global Operations of “Chef David’s Kidz Wishgrant Foundation Charity” (in Fort Lauderdale , Fla.) since March the 5th , in 1989 …!!

SPECIAL 2012 NEW SPONSOR MEGA-THANXX & GRATITUDE TO : extremely busy past Christmas holiday season in the yr 2011, we were very fortunate to meet Mr. Michael Gonzalez , a local Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., senior member of the “J. Dewey Hawkins Lodge ” # 331 , 555 Northeast 42nd Court , Oakland Park, Fla. 33334 , (telephone number : 954-564-1859 ) , and as we were working nearly around-the-clock during that time-period, as often happens, Mr. Gonzalez explained to us that he and his lodge were interested in charities and charitable causes, etc., and that they’d like to keep in touch. Once the 2011 New years holiday came and went, and things quieted down a little, we were able to get back in touch with Mr. Gonzalez and his lodge members around February of 2012 , etc., and MUCH to our surprise , during March of 2012 , they were exceedingly kind and generous to our Foundation during a VERY crucial time-period, and made a four hundred dollar donation to our Charity for toybox toy and action-figure & items  purchases & creations for a dozen members across the country , & shipping of toyboxes costs we needed to ship out IMMEDIATELY ,as well ,  and other areas their donation helped us out in , which helped us to stay current , or a little ahead of things for that Month long time-period, which ended up being an incredible help to us , and a real blessing for our members, too , and for our Natl. Children’s Charity Foundation, as well  …!! Actually, we found it sort of “odd” that their lodge and our Children’s Charity Foundation have both been around for decades very near to each other here, only 2 or 3 miles apart , actually ,  but had never met before, but that’s life for you , isn’t it…?! We’re extremely glad that we met them finally last fall in 2011, and we owe them a HUGE “super-thanxx” for their  largesse & kindness and generosity, all 3 , and we hope to stay in touch with Michael Gonzalez and his wonderful lodge and their members for a long time now on a year-round basis , as  “Kidz causes” colleagues and as community orgs. friends , too ,  helping children and teens out everywhere that we can ! ….

- Chef David Mitchell – Director of Global Operations


2011 SUPER THANKS AWARD” is hereby earned spectacularly, and given to Mr. Tim Ragan, and Mr. Jason Bradshaw, General Managers for “Dave & Busters Bistro Restaurant” in Spring Dale, Ohio, who allowed one of our all-time most beloved, and most beautiful Princess we’ve ever known, 8year old Miss Hannah Hadden. Yes! Our “Sugar Bear” who’s loved by everyone! to have an OVER THE MOON, TOP TIER BIRTHDAY PARTY in November 2011, with her wonderful family, and it was truly AMAZING!!!
Mr. Tim Ragan, and Mr. Jason Bradshaw, General Managers for “Dave & Busters Bistro Restaurant” went above and beyond for Hannah so much she is still smiling and can’t stop talking about how happy she is.

A Big and Special Thanks to Tim and Jason! You’re Awesome….

“Old Country Mill Orchards”

Attention : Mr. Steven Tennes & Mrs. Brigette Tennes – Owners ;
4648 Otto Road , Charolette ,
Michigan 48813
Business phone:517-543-1061

….In what became 1 of the MOST generous acts by a new sponsor or donor we’ve seen during 2011 and 2010, 1 of our most beloved member families in Lansing , Michigan (at the time) had wanted to go to the “Old Country Mill ” for a long, long time, and Chef David personally wanted to contact the org. to see if anything could be considered, and how it’d be started, etc., and not only did Mrs. Brigette Tennes (owner) actually answer her phone there VERY late at night, aprox. 11p.m. – 11:30p.m., (Chef David had planned to leave a message, etc..), she spoke with Chef David at length learning all about our members there, and MUCH to our surprise and delight, Mrs. Tennes authorized the Savalli family to come in the very next morning to their wonderful Mill and Orchard for an all – day event , even when contacted a mere 10hrs. beforehand, & allowed them to bring home bushels of their fresh-picked fruit…!!!
Mrs. Brigette Tennes was EXTREMELY gracious, very kind and also very, very generous , and we had to let everybody know about this WONDERFUL working Family Farm, Mill and multiple-fruits Orchards org. in Charolette , Michigan , and how exceptionally kind and amazing they are , and IF ANY of you are ever in the Charolette , Mivh., or Lansing , Michigan area, make sure to stop-by and stay for a few hours, and enjoy their gourmet-level fresh baked apple pie and other fruit pies, hand-made donuts (Chef David’s mad he can’t go, being in southern Fla. , with the world-famous sweet-tooth he has, as most of the world knows …!!!) , and wonderful, old fashioned working country farm & Mill setting, w/ their beautiful orchards , and the even more incredible owners , who are a REAL, TRUE incredible community asset to their area & to Michigan , & to children , period…!!! The Savalli family have already even returned to this wonderful Farm since then, and hope to continue to go there for a v-e-r-y long time coming….!! We owe Mr. Steven Tennes and his lovely wife, Mrs. Brigette Tennes our most extreme thanxx , and we are deeply in their debt for taking such phenomenal care of 1 of our most beloved member families, and being so kind to them ………!! Spoken true to form, 6yrs old little Miss Ashley says that the fruit they brought home from their visit was “The bestest tasting berries and apples that I ever ate..!!”, which is very high praise, coming from a child….!!

2008 Monster Jam

August 15, 2008 – Sunrise, Florida
“Chef David’s Kidz Wishgrant Foundation” hdqtrs.,in Ft. Laud., Fla., and at “Kids that Care Pediatric and Cancer Fund” Charitable org., in South Miami, Fla. , we feel that we’re extremely blessed and lucky to have such a WONDERFUL Sponsor org. and Lady as Ms. Terri Crolic and her team (Ms. Elena Miller, and Ms. Mary Ensor) who are employed by the NHL “Florida Panthers” Hockey team Foundation, at “Bank Atlantic Center” arena in Sunrise, Fla., for many, many years now, & a few weeks ago, they very kindly donated some wonderful tickets for the “2008 Monster Jam” event there, which we owe them a HUUGE amount of thanxx for, as our staff and members who went had a marvelous time, while there!

View Event Photos

Again, ALL of our “kidz” and staff-members who attended this “Monster Trucks Jam” 2008 event had a WONDERFUL TIME the whole time that they were there, as always, & we’d like to extend our most extreme thanxx to Ms. Terri Crolic, Ms. Elena Miller, and Ms. Mary Ensor, and their staff, for always being there for our Foundation on a year-round basis, for many, many different events and sports games that they allow our members to attend, via their kindness and generosity! Thanks to our staff event photographer, Ms. Monica Liagre, for all of her time and work.

WWE Summer Slam

August 21, 2005 – Washington, DC

Chef David’s Kids extends a V.I.P. “MEGA-THANK YOU” to Ms. Susan Aitchison of the “WWE”, for her non-stop, ceaseless amazing efforts to do all of these WONDERFUL  special Wishes and donations to our members and to us, year-round/ 24hrs. a day, 7 days a week, as by now, she’s made SUCH  DIFFERENCE in the lives of thousands of our children who are fans of “WWE”-”World Wrestling Entertainment Corp.”, that we will NEVER, EVER be fully able to thank her enough!! If our “Kidz” ever had a  BEST FULLTIME “ARKANGEL” SPONSOR?? Her name would be Ms. Susan Aitchison, for sure!

View Event Photos

Thank You all Again,

Sincerely -  Chef David Mitchell